Place to Be: Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park

A short 35km drive South from Jasper town on Maligne Lake Road, you’ll find Medicine Lake, one of my favourite spots during our exploration in Jasper National Park.

The lake is fed by the Maligne River and has a unique drainage network where the porous lake bottom allows the water to seep underground. Water level of the lake varies from season to season and the lake can measure up to 7km. Our visit was during Spring where the melting ice and snow from surrounding mountains has began filling the lake and we were gifted with beautiful blue skies and long white clouds.

In summer time, hiking trail along the lake is open along with activities such as biking and horseback riding. The conditions of the trail was not ideal during our visit, so we opted to relax, admire and absorb the beautiful surroundings.

It’s interesting that considering the beauty of the lake and her surroundings, Medicine Lake does not seem to be as popular as some of the other sites in JNP. Maybe this is what adds to her charm – the peaceful stillness and the lack of swarming tourists makes Medicine Lake, the perfect place to breathe easy, sit back and unwind.


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  1. Looks lovely! The best “medicine” for me is always a day by the lake!

  2. Love it! I cannot agree more!

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