Place to be: Jasper National Park

– – Jasper National Park, Alberta – –

Established in 1907, Jasper National Park is part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site and spans over 11,000 km square, the largest national park in the Rockies.  Considered as the wildest of the mountain parks, it is home to the Columbia Icefields, rugged mountains, glaciers, forests, alpine meadows, and rivers. There are more than 1200 kilometers of hiking trails and also home to spectacular wildlife like elks, bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, mountain lions, and wolves.

Medicine Lake

– – Accommodation – –

We stayed in JNP for 3 nights and opted for the Wapiti Campgrounds which is a year-round site on the shore of the Athabasca River. Each site is adequately spaced apart with enough space for your vehicle, tent and onsite picnic table. With the purchase of a fire permit, firewood is provided as well as bear-proof lockers for food storage. The flushing toilets are extremely well maintained and very clean.

Cost per night is $27.40 to $32.30

Wapiti Campgrounds

– – What to do – –

JNP offers an abundance of activities and opportunities for you to relax or get active, depending on your preference. Whether it’s going on a full day hike, paddling on one of the beautiful lakes, fishing, relaxing on the beach or taking a soak in Miette Hot Springs – there is something for everyone. I recommend popping by the visitor centre located in Jasper Town Centre to check opening hours, road closures, bear sightings and track conditions.

Toe of Athabasca Glacier

– – Notes  – –

We rented a car during our stay in Canada and we highly recommend it! The convenience, wide roads and friendly drivers made the drive a breeze, even though it was on the different side of road!

As we were hitting multiple national parks in Canada, we opted to get the Family Discovery Pass which cost $136.40 for up to 7 people in a vehicle. Bargain!

I’ll be showcasing some of my favourite spots in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!





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