Place to Be: The Redwoods, Rotorua

Considering the number of times I have been to Rotorua, this was my first visit to Whakarewarewa Forest. Known to the locals as The Redwoods, it is a 5600ha haven for mountain bikers, walkers/hikers and horse riders and as the name suggests, it is home to towering Californian Costal Redwoods. A quick 10 minutes drive from Rotorua CBD.

In the forest is the Redwoods Treewalk which consists of 21 suspension bridges traversing between 22 giant Californian coastal redwoods. The walk is about half a kilometre long and gradually incline from 6 m to 12 m in height. What I love the most about the walkway construction is that it does not pierce the trees in any way. It is held together by slings and rope and preserves the natural giants.

The Redwoods – Long Mile Road, off Tarawera Road, Rotorua

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