Place to Be: Kura Tawhiti Conservation Area

We stumbled across Kura Tawhiti (Castle Hill) Conservation Area during our drive on the Great Alpine Highway to Arthur’s Pass as we needed to stretch our legs and we saw cars turning into a car park so we decided to also have a nosy. We were in turn rewarded with spectacular geology of rocks and boulders that stood like huge sculptures.

Kura Tawhiti (approximately an hours drive from Christchurch CBD) is a popular touristic spot for visitors as well as avid climbers with a good number of bolted climbs within the reserve. We saw many enthusiasts bringing along thick safety mats and clinging on to boulders by their fingertips.

We were so pleased to have stumbled across Kura Tawhiti. It was a mesmerizing site and although there were many other visitors, the size of the reserve meant we all had our own space. If we were not pushed for time, we would have loved to stay longer and explore the maze made up of boulders.


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  1. Nice! I was in NZ many years for holiday. pass through Arthur Pass n stayed in the YHA Arthur Pass. Lovely country especially South Island.

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