Mermaid Pool

The power of a stunning photo is strong. I say this because often, a spectacular photo is like a seed planted in my head, I become infatuated/obsessed and I add it onto my ‘to see and visit’ list. The latest place that I ticked off that list is the Mermaid pool.

About 2.5 hour drive from Auckland, the Matapouri Bay is a sandy beach in a quiet estuary near Tutukaka. Hidden in the bay is Mermaid Pool. Not something that is heavily signposted and we had to make several good guess on how to get there.

The pools are hidden during high tides and only when the water level drop, the pools begin to form as the tide goes down, leaving behind clean ocean water in the rock pool. We had to hike roughly 20 minutes up and down some steep hills to get to our spot and it just so happen to rain that afternoon. Usually, hiking in semi-mud is no big deal, but we were in plastic jandals that were prone to slipping. However, we preservered and luckly, had the pools all to ourselves.


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  1. This is beautiful!

  2. I’ve been seeing a few photos of this hidden gem too! Worth the drive out?

  3. Totally! We stayed the night at Whangarei – must plan so that you go when it’s starting to low tide!

  4. Oooo definitely one to visit next time we are at Tutukaka for fishing.

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