Place to Be : Great Ocean Road, Australia

Rather than spending your trip in Melbourne within the CBD, why not hire a car and do a short road trip and drive along the stunning Great Ocean Road? A relatively long windy road where you are rewarded with the tranquil coastal view and after a 4 hour drive, you will reach the 12 Apostles. It’s impossible to see at 12 Apostles from the current viewpoint as it is blocked by other rock stacks and some are hidden behind headlands.
During our drive, we had beautiful weather which made stunning scenery for photographs. Clear blue skies, sandy rock formation and waves to create a rippling effect at the beach.My favourite part is the Loch Ard Gorge and the staircase which leads you to a quiet beach.
To break the long return drive, we opted to spend a night glamping at Pebble Point. A comfortable queen bed inside a luxury tent with a separate clean bathroom with hot running water, it was a unique experience! The temperature did drop in the evening, but the hosts are one step ahead and provided hot water bottles and electric blanket. We woke up to the chirping of birds and enjoyed the sun when we opened the panel.

The perfect road trip. Highly recommend!


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  1. Gorgeous photos!! I’m currently in Melbourne but it takes 6 hours to get there from where I’m staying… Glamping is such a good idea too!

  2. Have fun in Melbourne, Tiffany! Really? That seems so far, our drive was only 4 hours from the CBD :)

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