Cycle: Timber Trail

Total Length: 87 km | Grade: Ranges from Easy (grade 2) to Intermediate (3)
Highlight: Some of the longest suspense bridges in New Zealand including the Maramataha Bridge which is the longest and highest bridge on the trail.
Other Information: No cellphone coverage on the trail | Only three entry/exit points | You may encounter walkers/hunters along the trail.


Due to the lack of mountain biking experience, my friends and I decided to start in the middle (marker 40) and begin our ride at Piropiro campsite on Komomiko Road. Our total ride was approximately 45 km and travels through four long suspension bridges. Our full day bike hire and return transfer package was organised by Tread Routes and costs $120. Slightly on the pricey end but because we only booked a day before, it was the only company that we could get.
The course was difficult at first due to the incline but once you pass the climb, the downhills are extremely exhilarating. We managed to ride the 45km in just over six hours with a half hour lunch stop.
We had such a great time during the Timber Trail that we are already looking at other New Zealand Cycle Trails to test our cycling abilities.

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