Place to be: Stonehenge

Being able to slowly tick items of my bucket list is extraordinary satisfying. Last year, I explored the ancient city of Angkor Wat and this year, my sister and I got to stand inside the inner circle of Stonehenge.

Theories of why this myserious prehistoric monument stand erected in the middle of nowhere are vast and range from the plausible to downright kooky, but whatever the reason, Stonehenge remains standing today as a UNESCO protected site and a place for your imagination to run wild.

Wanting to do more than just stand on the perimeter, we decided to join the Inner Circle Sunset tour led by Premium Tours which came highly recommended by the TripAdvisor community and boy it was worth every pound. Arriving at Stonehenge just as it shuts to the wider public, we had the place all to ourselves (well the tour group). It’s quite a surreal feeling being up close to the stones and we were blessed with amazing weather.

So if you’re planning a holiday in Britain, be sure to include Stonehenge in your itinerary.


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  1. That’s incredible. Britain is never that blessed with blue!

  2. Yes! Our guide told us we were very lucky to be blessed with such great weather :)

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