Travel: Brugge, Belgium

When I decided to travel to Belgium, I had wanted to spend a few days in another city apart from Brussels so I could better appreciate and experience the country. To be completely honest, it was only until I started researching about the country that I came across the beautiful city that is Brugge (Bruges). I did not have high expectation but I was completely blown away with the beauty of this romantic city. It’s quiet, calm, tranquil and absolutely stunning.

It’s been a while since I feel this way about a city. It’s charming and everyone that we met were friendly and helpful. If you’re travelling to Belgium, I can not recommend enough.


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  1. I was in Brussels just two weeks ago and I went to this amazing seafood restaurant called Sea Grill! The food there was just spectacular- did you get to go there?

  2. I travelled to Brussels too but did not try Sea Grill! Did you like Brussels?

  3. I loved Brussels, especially the old style buildings!I miss the bread and waffles :p

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