Trip Preparation: Personal Experience

Trip Preparation

Trip preparation can be tedious for some, but I personally find it rather enjoyable. Looking for flights, searching for accommodation and planning the itinerary can be so much easier if you know where to look! Here are some of the ways that made preparing my latest trip to Europe and UK a breeze!

There are many different routes when travelling to Europe, we are often spoilt for choices. But by having all the options all on one page when you make a search online, it’s so much easier to compare prices and duration. Booking flights does not have to be difficult!

For my last trip, I used Webjet to compare and find the flights most suitable for me. To be honest, I did not actually know about China Southern Airline until I did a search on Webjet! The website is user-friendly and most importantly, gives clear indication of luggage allowance. We had to make sure that we can take all the shopping home!

Apart from short trips to Australia, I have been using Airbnb for accommodation when I go on holiday. Why? Because it’s not only possible to find affordable accommodation at excellent locations, it is a great way to meet locals and make new friends! My preference is to book an entire apartment so you can still keep the privacy and ensure safety of your belongings (I’m paranoid when it comes to that).

For my recent stay in Bruges, good quality hotels in the area that we wanted to stay in was at least $200 a night for a room. For about 3/4 of that price, I managed to get a stunning one bedroom apartment 5 minutes from the Markt and this came with a kitchen and a separate bathroom! AirBNB hosts are also a great source of local gems when it comes to food and places to go. Our host at Brussels (Axelle) recommended an authentic Belgian restaurants that was very popular with the locals but hardly mentioned in guide books!

I love the convenient of searching online at websites like TripAdvisor but I also enjoy reading Lonely Planet City Guides which comes in a handy pocket-size making it much easier to carry around. The pages are all in colour with plenty of detailed maps for the different areas and includes key information such as opening hours as well as tricks to skip queues by recommending the best time of day to visit the main tourist attractions.

Goggle Map. Hands down. It’s a great website to help plan your itinerary by allowing you to easily search for the places you want to go and marking it on the map. I then use all the points to decide where to go on what day by sorting them geographically. Maps can also be saved for offline use and accessed on your mobile/tablet. A cheaper alternative compared to purchasing maps on various apps.

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