Journal Obsession

Purchasing journals is one of my hidden obsessions. For some reason, I am hooked on buying gorgeous paper journals but I usually have no clue what to use it for! I always have the tendency to start on a journal and never follow through. So one of my goals that I have set myself for 2015 is to keep going with my journalling.

Moleskine Softcover Dotgrid Large

I came across the concept of bullet journaling when I was youtubing and I adore the idea. Short simple bullets that don’t require a lot of effort and time, you can read more about it here. I decided to use the aqua Moleskine with the dots because it gave more freedom with my handwriting sizes and I like the look of the subtle dots.

Kikki K – Travel Notes

I’m not the type to travel without planning and with the excessive research that I do before going on holiday means that I won’t go to a new place without missing out on something. I particularly like this journal because it’s a hard cover, the separating tabs and the text prompts that covers all the details.

Kikki K – A5 Inspire Diary

This is one of my main goals for the year of 2015 and something that I wish to keep up for the whole year. I’m using this as a gratitude journal and I plan to include a photo every week. What is special about this planner is that there are inspiration quotes throughout the pages and the colourful fonts and symbols are whimsical and makes this journal ‘less serious’.

So, do you journal?

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