October Favourites

My favourites for the month of October.

Grabtaxi: This app is a complete lifesaver when it comes to catching a cab in Singapore. The first night we arrived, we waited over 45 minutes in the high heat and humidty for a taxi. We only had a portable wifi, so we were unable to call for a taxi, instead, we queued up at the taxi stand and waited. This app, recommended by my cousin who is based in Singapore is a godsend. Booking fee is applicable and is approximately $2-5SGD, depending on the taxi company.

One Smart Card: A debit card from Air New Zealand, it makes exchanging money and swiping your card a breeze without having to pay a transaction fee each time you use your card. Their are several ‘wallets’ within one card, so exchanging between the different currencies is very easy. The exchange rates are not the best, but the convenience is worth it.

White Converse: I brought these shoes on a last minute dash before I left for my holiday. I wanted comfy shoes that was easy to match and a pair of white Converse can do no wrong.

Proenza Schouler PS11: Still my go-to bag when I travel. It can fit plenty of items including my Ipad mini, portable wifi, wallet, passport, external battery pack and keys. Like my converse, this bag is very easy to match.

Charles and Keith: A handbag and shoe franchise in Singapore, the shoes here are affordable and gorgeous. We all came home with a few pairs of work appropriate flats and heels.

Selfie Stick and Wireless Shutter: When it comes to travelling with friends, I want to make sure everyone is included in the photo, including myself. This handy extendable stick has an attachment which clamps to my iPhone and with the wireless shutter, everyone is in the frame!

So, what were your favourites for the month of October?

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