Photos: Ho Chi Minh City


Spent four days in Ho Chi Minh City and despite the weather forecast of thunderstorms, the weather really held up with only small spouts of rain! The humidity hit us hard and we walked around with a layer of sweat.

We managed to get quite a bit done with trips out to the Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta. We did a quick tour of the Reunification Palace, brought cheap fruit from the Ben Thanh Market and relaxed with a massage and sauna!






Food wise, we ate at any opportunity and devoured a good amount of their local cuisine. I highly recommend the XO Foodie Tour which took us around the different districts via Mopeds while we tried some exotic (in my eyes) local cuisine. Goat breast, grilled frogs and balut! All very interesting and surprisingly tasty! The ladies are courteous and friendly and we were constantly fed with food and beer. Traveling on mopeds in the busy city of Saigon is much safer than expected and it was an exhilarating experience!


We tried several restaurants in District One and dined at L’Usine, Lemongrass, Ngon and Temple Club. I might do a separate review later!




Ho Chi Minh is a lively city. Although the chaos may be overwhelming with mopeds on the footpath and zebra crossings/traffic lights which drivers don’t seem to notice, it’s an exciting place!


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  1. That pool!! *dies of envy* It looks like you did heaps in those 4 days, I need to hire you as a holiday planner haha. But wow, those sandwiches at L’usine were expensive :/

  2. Yes! We ate there first so didn’t think much about the price. Then we ate elsewhere and realised we overpaid!

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