Bag Review: Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic

The bag that made me break my new years resolution of only one bag purchase a year. When I made the resolution a few years ago, no one thought it was possible and I’m afraid to admit that they are right. Bags, to me, is an addiction and I could never get myself to unsubscribe to purse blog, net-a-porter, Shopbop and all those other toxic loves.

I’ve first saw the Proenza Schouler PS11 in real life at the beginning of the year when I was back in Hong Kong for Christmas and I didn’t think much of it. It was beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But it came with a ‘not so cheap’ pricetag and I didn’t think I could style it into my everyday wardrobe. Plus, then I was obsessed with the PS1 and I didn’t give this gem much thought. It wasn’t until I started following Andy from Style Scrapbook and saw how much she loved her black PS11 and her incorporation of the bag into her everyday style, that I saw the huge potential in this boxy shoulder bag.

The PS11, released in 2010, is the second most iconic bag from the duo. This classic version measures 27 x 18 x 9.5 cm with an extendable strap that can measure up to 105 cm and sits by my upper thigh when I wear it off the shoulder (I’m 1.58m tall). The long strap also allows me to wear it as a cross body, making it easier to carry when I’m on the go.

The bag has three separate compartments. The first and main compartment is accessible via lifting the top flap which has a snap closure. Inside, it is lined by logo jacquard interior lining and has a leather trimmed zip pocket. The second compartment is a front slit pocket with a faceted cube-embellished turn lock closure. There is also an exterior zip pocket.

There are two reasons why I chose the classic version over the mini (the tiny size was released after my purchase). The first and main reason is due to the hardware. The size of the grill and turn lock is the same for both bags. I personally found the ratio of hardware to leather on the front of the bag was more aesthetically pleasing on the classic compared to the mini. I also quite like the two buckles at the bottom. Secondly, I chose the classic because I carry half my life in my bag, therefore the more room the better!

The PS11 is a structured and sophisticated bag that I have frequently used since its addition into my collection. I’ve worn it with casual jeans and T during the day and paired it with dresses during the night. A beautiful bag that can easily transition from casual to formal. The bag retains its shape and I love the boxy look. There were a few seasonal colours that I really liked including peacock blue, burgundy and veruca salt, but I opted for saddle, a much safer colour.

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