Late Night Art

Artweek, presented by the New Zealand Contemporary Art Trust, was a ten-day celebration of Auckland’s diverse and contemporary art scene. It involved eight different neighbourhoods, sixty venues and galleries and hosted nearly a hundred events and exhibitions. I had initially wanted to take part in the free guided tours around the different precincts, but there were limited spaces available, and by the time I remembered to book, all the weekend tours were full.

So instead, we took part in Late Night Art, where we spent the evening gallery-hopping in Auckland CBD.

Although I had an enjoyable night and admired some of the colourful and impressive art pieces including Dick Fizzell’s Dance of the Hooligans, the overall event was poorly managed. There were no clear information explaining the event and it took us a while to locate any sort of pamphlet that guided us throughout the evening. There were supposed to be walking and cycling tours at ‘various locations’ which we could not locate and no clear signage directing you to the galleries. We hiked up all the way up Shortland Street to the Gus Fisher Gallery that turned out to be closed! I was not pleased.

Late Night Art had plenty of potential but the mediocre organisation prevented its success. Hopefully, there will be substantial improvement by 2014.

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