Day Nineteen and Twenty: Barcelona, Spain

After a well-deserved sleep in, we took a train back to Barcelona. We purchased our tickets a few months ahead, so we managed to get Perferente tickets at a discount. We had comfortable seats and a small meal with an alcoholic beverage to keep us happy during the ride, hence, I recommend booking ahead so you can get more bang for your buck!

After checking in to our hotel, we stopped by a convenient store to get some fresh fruit and snacks, before making our way to Parc Güell.

We had ample time today, so we took a long stroll and explored the park; we managed to find hidden sections with fewer people around and enjoyed our small picnic.

Day Twenty of our holiday was spent packing and lining up queue after queue at the airport. Word of advise, if you wish to get tax back at Barcelona Airport, I suggest you accommodate at least 90 minutes to do so. The line to the Tax Back Service took around 40 minutes and the line at the bank to get cash back, took another 30 minutes. However, I managed to get everything done before we were due to board our 7 hour flight to Dubai!

Spain is a beautiful country and I have every intention in coming back. The laid-back lifestyle and friendly people combined with the stunning architecture was an overall delight! Barcelona will have to be my favourite city in Spain, but I would love to visit Granada, Seville and San Sebastian in the future.

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