Sunday Kitchen: Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Cooking is something that I enjoy doing, but never seem to have the time for. So, I’ve decided to make more time for myself, and get back into cooking/baking during weekends.

Last weekend, I made a batch of Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies.

You will need: 250 gms butter | 1/2 cup brown sugar | 3 cups plain flour | 2 tsp baking powder | 4 tbsp milk | 4 tbsp honey | 2 tsp vanilla extract | 6 Whittaker’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Slab

I got this recipe from the Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers App on Facebook and made some slight adjustments. Instead of the peanut slab, I opted to use the hazelnut version as I prefer the taste of hazelnut. The recipe also calls for golden syrup, but I did not have any at home, so instead, I used honey as a replacement.

These turned out well, it had a good texture and were not overly sweet. Next time, I might opt to use chocolate and chopped hazelnut rather than the slabs because then I can have better control of the chocolate/nuts ratio. Not a bad start to my reattempt at cooking/baking!

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