Day Eleven: Barcelona, Spain 

After an eventful two days in Ibiza, we ended our Topdeck tour in Barcelona with a scrumptious group dinner. 

This was my first time travelling with Topdeck (I tried Contiki a few years ago) and the experience is rather different. There were more free days in Topdeck where we get to do our own thing, whether your preference is to sleep in or have a cultural day at museums, and we were reimbursed with most of our metro/bus tickets. The downside to this is that if you are not prepared with where you want to go and what you want to do, you will end up being overwhelmed by the city and might end up not having enough time to hit the big sights. We came to the tour prepared, so this was not the case for us and I was very glad that all of our driving/walking tours were included as well as the tips for our tour guide and driver so we were not surprised with extra spending in the tour. 

Overall, the tour was very enjoyable. Spain is a beautiful country with much to offer and I would love to come back again to see Granada, Seville and San Sebastián. We had lovely people in our tour group, there were no drama and everyone got along, we even managed to make some great friends. It was overall, a great experience. 

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