Weekend in Wellington: Day Three

Relaxing with my sister was the main focus for my last day in Wellington. After sleeping in and lounging around with the telly on, we went out for a late lunch at Fidel’s Cafe on Cuba Street. The rest of the day was spent with me blogging while my sister chilled with her Playstation 3 and we finished off with a cocktail and dessert at the Library. I had a wonderful weekend in Wellington and I could see myself spending more time here! There are so many interesting eateries in central CBD and weekend parking is only $3 for 12 hours (beat that, Auckland)!

Wellington. I will be back!


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  1. haha! $3 for 12 hours that’s even better than Wilson parking in Chch CBD! I need to pay Wellington a visit too.

  2. Sounds like you are hainv g a great time in Wellington :) I have only been once and loved it too. There are so many cute shops and fab places to eat out. Was Fidel’s Cafe good? And… $3 parking!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Caroline.I did, indeed, had an excellent time in Wellington. The food at Fidel’s were very good and so were their coffees!

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