Currently loving: Over by Potluck

Anything that makes blogging/editing easier while I’m on the go, I take it. I’m due for a long trip next month and I have no intention in lugging around my laptop, so I’ve been on a search for good apps for my Ipad that will make blogging and photo editing super easy.

I already use IPhoto for simple photo editing such as cropping, colour adjustment and spot correction but I wanted an app that allows me to add text into an image and most importantly, it MUST be easy to navigate (I’m the opposite of tech savy). And I think I’ve found it!

Over, an Ipad/Iphone app by Potluck, has 28 free beautiful fonts (different types to suit different photos) allowing users to produce creative photos/artwork. You can add quotes, captions, dates, locations or hashtags, you can go where ever your creativtity takes you! You can also download free artworks to add onto your image.

Check out some off the awesome examples by Potluck:


Here are some of mine:

I’m still learning and trying to understand what is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it looks pretty good right?

Please leave your $0.02 here:

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