foodie destination: wellington

I’m due for a trip to Wellington next weekend and planning on where to eat has always been huge on my trip itinerary.

Here are some of the places that I intend to visit:


The last time I was in Wellington, I missed out on dining at Matterhorn because we didn’t manage to get a table (I made the mistake of going two hours before my flight). So this time, Matterhorn is my top priority and I plan to make a stop at this popular eatery as soon as I land in Wellington.

Planning to try: Venison tartare | Chocolate and hazelnut tart

The Crab Shack

I love crabs. One of my favourite childhood past time is sitting around a table with my family while we devoured fleshly steamed crabs and fighting for the crab claws.  So when I found out via Bunny. Eats. Design that there is a restaurant that specialises in seafood with an emphasis on crabs in Wellington, there was no way that I’m gonna miss out.

Planning to try: Chili crab linguine w clams and roasted peppers | 1kg of Nelson Paddle crab with chili garlic butter


Opened by L’affare’s founder Jeff Kennedy and partner Bridget Dunn, Prefab, their new fabulous cafe/roastery is a top-notch addition to the cafe scene in Wellington.

Planning to try: Bottomless filter coffee | Mexican pork jumping beans on toast (?!)

The Library

The place to satisfy your sweet tooth with a yummy dessert over a delicious glass of fancy cocktail. This lounge bar/reading room offers live music and is a popular spot for a great night out.

Planning to try: Textures of Pina Colada | Dancing Shoes

Fidel’s Cafe

To further fuel my need for a good cup of Joe, I was told to stop by Fidel’s Cafe for a strong Havana coffee and some of their delicious treats in the cabinet. 

Planning to try:  Short macchaito | something savoury


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  1. So much good food down there. Thanks for the mention. Just one weekend isn’t enough. I think I would need a good two weeks to get to all the places…

  2. I seldom fly down to Wellington, so it is all very new and exciting for me! And I absolutely agree, you need at least two weeks to eat your way around Wellington. I’m going to try to have at least 4 meals a day ;P

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