self confession #17. travel journal.

purchasing journals and notebooks is something that i do very often, there is something about a pretty journal with themed pages that just screams out “TAKE ME HOME”.

so i have decided to get a new journal which will be dedicated to my travels later on this year. i picked this travel notebook up at kikki.k and i adore the prompt pages where you can fill in the details of your daily activities as well as the clear zip pocket at the back that allows you to keep some miscellaneous small memorabilia. it’s small enough to fit into my bag and the plastic sleeve provides protection for the whimsical cover.

i’m hoping that by keeping a travel journal, it can help me keep track of the smaller details including the hidden eateries where we feed our empty stomachs.





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  1. Your journal is very sweet and i love the prompts. I am super geeky when it comes to travel. Last time, I designed and printed personalized journals for me and 2 friends. They were all slightly different based on our interests. I filled every page and then some and it was my bible for blogging later. Also great for planning future trips.

  2. That’s one of the main reasons for keeping a journal as I intend to blog all the little details (and I need the help as I’m rather forgetful)! Printing one yourself is actually an excellent idea! I should have done that! Maybe next time :)

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