outfit. #26.

Attending my sister’s birthday dinner at Jervois Steak House.


I’ve been in a lazy mood lately, so my outfits usually consist of a black top and dark denim pants. Depending on the occasion, I either throw on a pair of heels and a tailored blazer or a casual cardigan with a pair of comfortable flats.




top: H&M | bottom: H&M | shoes: mi piaci | accessories: stolen girlfriend; pandora; misc hong kong | bag: prada


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  1. looking fantastic!!!

  2. Very cool blazer! Love it!

  3. Hey, you look wonderful! Great bag :)

  4. Thanks, Iva! I’m loving this bag!

  5. Thanks, Juliet. It doesn’t get as much as I want due to the short 3/4 sleeves, but I love the strips :)

  6. Thank you, you are too kind!

  7. For a reason :)

  8. I love the outfit and have also been looking at getting the exact same bag (but in colour cameo). The sales assistant warned me against wearing it with jeans at all (even if they have been washed) and I was wondering if you’ve ever had any problems?

  9. Hi, claudibaudi!

    I’ve not had any colour transfer on to my bag and I’ve wore dark denim jeans with them (after washing, of course)! But I often use leather protectant cream on my bags. Hope this helps!

  10. You are amazing- thanks for replying! That’s good to know! Love the bag on you, it is so chic!

  11. thank you! You r too kind :)

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