latest purchase. #2. ASOS Retro sunnies

when it comes to sunglasses, i often find it hard to splurge on a designer pair. mostly because i like to buy and wear a new pair every now and then, and i would never be able to justify the expensive cost per wear.

so instead of shopping for sunnies at high end boutiques, i hunt around chain stores such as dotti and glassons, and if all else fails, i scavenge the ever so addictive ASOS.

my latest pair is from the ASOS collection and it’s the black retro sunglasses with metal detailing (#267900). shipping took less than a week and for just $25NZD ($21USD), this pretty pair of specs is quite a bargain! the frame appears very sturdy without feeling too heavy and it’s a good fit for my big head!

New purchases: Asos Retro sunnies

i personally quite like this style of sunnies as it suits my face shape and hair style. i’m not a big fan of aviators nor do i find oversized sunnies flattering for my features.


i’m going to be rock this pair of specs for the rest of the summer!

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  1. Shiny! I like it. It’s almost like it’s jewelry.

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