review: flowerbomb.


the debut fragrance from Viktor & Roft, first lauched in 2005, is a beautiful and full-bodied perfume that includes notes of sambac jasmine, orchid, tea, rose, and a hint of amber, musk and patchouli.

 it is currently my favourite perfume and i have been using it religiously for the past year. in my opinion, the smell is not like an explosion of flowers (unlike the name) and you don’t necessarily have to fancy floral perfumes in order to fall in love with flowerbomb. i would describe the smell to be sweet at first, with hints of floral notes, and as the perfume develops during the day, the aroma changes to more amber and musky-like.

my first bottle was their 2011 limited edition. the beautiful metalised dark-pink opaque bottle is dressed with a flamboyant couture bow made with red/pink/white ribbons.


although i have yet to finish my first bottle, i went ahead and purchased their 2012 limited edition bottle which is decorated with a gorgeous satin flower. there was also a gift with purchase promotion, and i took home a bottle of the bomblicious body lotion from the same line.



i truly enjoy this fragrance. it’s not sickly sweet, nor extremely floral. the different notes are well balanced and i have yet to come across any other perfumes that has a similar smell. however, its main selling point for me, would have to be the beautiful packaging. the bottle itself is stunning, hence, i have made it a mission to collect as much as i can!

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