hong kong: overeating.

Hong Kong is a shopping and eating haven. the variety of food and cuisine is endless and i’m overindulging in all aspects. the best thing about dining in Hong Kong is that there is a huge selection of cuisine and so many different types of food.

i was able to reminisce about my childhood and eat at a shop that was very close to where i used to live. their steamed rice rolls and sausages with sesame, soy and sweet sauce was just like the old days.


i gobbled up some incredible Shanghai food such as xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and cold rice noodles tossed with cucumber, chicken and sesame sauce,


 had a huge bowl of Vietnamese soup noodles with a plate of vegetables and Vietnamese spring rolls,


ate some typical Hong Kong breakfast – hot chinese milk tea with fried egg and spam macaroni,


devoured plates of fresh sushi with toppings such as sweet prawns, scallops, eel, salmon and mango,


and enjoyed some italian seafood pasta with a decent cup of joe.


i’m looking forward to some authentic chinese bbq meat, a big serving of tom yum soup and some street food!

i might have trouble fitting back into my skinny jeans.


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  1. Somehow it doesn’t feel the same when I live here. It’s a case of taking things for granted :O

  2. Grass is always greener on the other side! I think it’s because i’m on holiday! So i eat and shop like crazy!

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