bag review: prada saffiano lux double zip tote

Every year, I allow myself to purchase one bag and this year, I became the proud owner of the prada saffiano lux double zip tote. I came across this bag while I was shopping one day, and I became infatuated. After a week of researching about the various sizes and colour options as well as details on the quality and durability via other people’s review. I made the decision and it came home with me a few weeks later.

i love bags

When it comes to bags, my personal preference is to test the bag by using it frequently before I give it a proper review, hence the delay in this post. Anyway, let’s get down to the basics….

My Bag

The Prada saffiano lux double zip tote, as the name suggests, is made out of saffiano calf leather and is treated in a way so that it is scratch resistant and repels water. This treatment creates a cross-hatch appearance on the leather and has a stiffer texture, allowing the bag to maintain its shape. The tote that I purchased is in the shade ‘argilla’ and measures 30 x 20 x 13 cm and is considered the medium-sized tote (the store that I purchased this bag from only offered medium and large). The bag has three zipped compartments, two top handles (12cm), adjustable and removable shoulder strap (90cm) and a detachable key chain. The hardware is gold-plated and the logo is made with leather and metal lettering.

Prada Details

The main reason I love this bag is because of its classic and simple look. The hardware is not overwhelming, it can be dressed up or down depending on occasion and it’s a bag that I can see myself carrying now as well as when I get older. The ‘stiff’ material allows the bag to keep its structure and most importantly, the bottom does not sag. I also like the versatility of a detachable strap.

There are, however, two aspects that I wish I could change. The first – which is also my biggest issue is the Prada logo lining. I, personally, found the lining design to be tacky and out dated. Is it so hard for them to find decent looking lining considering the price they charge? The second is the slit that is on the face of the bag. The purpose of the slit is to tuck in the key chain if you prefer it not hanging in the front. But they made the key chain detachable, so wouldn’t it make more sense for me to remove the tag if I prefer to go without, rather than having a slit on the front?

Prada Details

Despite the complaining, I still love this bag. This bag holds its shape despite being full of items and it’s a perfect size for everyday wear. I adore the colour which matches perfectly with the clothes and it is fast becoming a staple piece in my wardrobe.



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  1. hey, I’ve just been to the Prada counter the other day to check out the saffiano lux tote.. I noticed that on the sides where the buttons are, there is a funny little stitch through the leather.. does your bag have that?

  2. Yeah, it does have a small stitch close to the snap closure. Not too sure why tho!

  3. oh I’ve been eyeing this bag for sometime now. I was gonna get the kate spade lookalike one… but decided this is still the bag i love!

  4. You won’t regret it! The bag is beautiful and very versatile. Worth every cent!

  5. Great post – I am search for a nice new bag myself – love the shape and style of this one – probably a bit pricey for me – am looking at Michael Kors. Your blog is lovely.

  6. Thanks, Sherievon! I’m loving this bag too, its got great structure and worth the investment! I’m loving the new designs of Michael Kors, but it’s hard to source in New Zealand. Hope you find the perfect bag for you! :)

  7. Hi Amy, I love the argilla color of your Prada double zip tote! It seems we got the bags around the same time, is your bag holding up well? I am having a few issues with my cammeo double zip tote, mainly the sealants cracking!

    I wrote a review on the bag as well if you want to check it out:

  8. Hi Happy Pursuits,

    Yes, my bag is still holding up well, but I have been only been using it on and off and mostly been using my Givenchy Antigona instead.

    Great post by the way, lovely photos!

  9. Haha I love the Givenchy Antigona too! Seems like we have very similar tastes in handbags =P

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