michael meredith

last weekend, my friend took me to the cuisine masterclass event in langham hotel where we got to experience and watch the amazing michael meredith cook.

grew up in samoa, he came to new zealand at the age of 13 and has worked with different top chefs in various fine dining restaurant. in 2007, he and his ex-partner decided to open one of their own, the amazing merediths on dominion road. during the event, he discussed his inspiration and thought process while he prepared three dishes in a live cooking theatre. in this blog entry, i would like to share with you some of things that he talked about. if you want a review of the food, please feel free check my food blog for a detailed description of the different dishes.

he gets his inspiration from the ingredients. he use ingredients that are in-season and fresh. and from then, he creates the dish around the ingredient.

he doesn’t keep a dish on the menu for long. this is because he finds that when a dish gets a good reputation, customers will only order that and hence not try anything new as well as have very high expectations. so often, after he perfects a dish, he takes it off the menu. but he might introduce it again at a later stage.

he prefers degustation rather than a la carte because of similiar reasons above. degustation (mulitple small dishes) allows us to try something that we normally would not order and opens up our palate. it also enable the chef to demonstrate his skills and techniques.

everything on his dish serves a purpose. onion flowers are both asthetically pleasing as well as adding a hint of bitterness to the dish

he’s very down to earth and showed his appreciation to his mentors including tony astle who he worked for during his days in antoine’s.

i had a great time attending this year’s masterclass and getting to see a culinary master work his magic is an excellent oppourtnity. the success of these classes would probably result in similiar events in the following years and i urge everyone that has an interest in food to attend.

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