self confession #16. film

im a lover of technology. i’m a proud owner of multiple apple products and my smart phone is never far from reach.

but when it comes to photography, i still prefer to shoot with film. don’t get me wrong, i love my digital camera. it’s convenient, versatile, easy, and most importantly – in terms of cost – it is much cheaper to buy one reusable memory card rather than purchasing rolls and rolls of film. i tend to use my digital camera to document events such as birthdays, parties and dinners because i can take hundreds of candid shots without having to worry about the cost and whether i have selected the right film for the event!

however, if i were to go to a location and do a photo shoot, i always take an analogue camera. this is not because i think that film is superior to digital files. if you want to read something like that, you should be reading some photography forums which will be filled with such arguments.

i chose to shoot film because…

it makes me think before i shoot. as i mentioned above, film nowadays, do not come cheap. nor does the processing cost of photography lab, so i carefully compose the photo, adjust the aperture/shutter speed, and think before i fire the shutter.

the unpredictability of certain films and their outcome. the warm hue of redscales, the intense colours of cross-processing slide film and the trippy colouration of colour infrared films.

the excitement and surprise that follows after getting your film developed! being unable to see how your photos turn out straight away means that you might encounter some hits and misses. but it makes you appreciate the shots that turned out better than expected. plus, you know that you’re doing it right when more and more of your exposures are turning out right!

and most importantly, shooting with film is just so damn fun! you can try playing with double exposures or soak your film in various conconction and making film soup. possibilities are endless! it brings so much joy into my life.

so if you’ve never tried analogue photography, i have to encourage you to give it a go!

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