winter goal. part two.

the day after i decide to control my spending, i made another purchase.

so… purchase number three: pandora double leather bracelet with a black rhodium sterling silver fixed clip charm.

i am very pleased with the quality of the leather band. made with genuine leather, it actually smells like my bags (which i have a sniffing addiction to). i personally, do not like the look of a bracelet that is overloaded with charms, so i am going to keep this one simple with only one charm.


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  1. It’s beautiful! I think it will go well with a watch even! “Do not like bracelet overloaded with charms”, I’m with you on this one. Hehe.

  2. :D I know! i’m trying to find a good metal watch to replace my current one! Any recommendation?

  3. A cheap one I like is the gold casio vintage watch. For a better quality, how about marc jacob? I like a Burberry’s watch dial, but its for man ):

  4. Mmm. I shall look into that! I’ve had my eyes set on a MK watch but it looks too big on my wrist.

  5. Is it the Gold sport Chronograph watch?? ((((: I love big watches!

  6. I think it’s the same one. It’s called the Runway Chronograph watch on shopbop. want to get it in rose gold :D

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