bag review: deadly ponies ‘mr sling’

my first designer bag, purchased back in 2007, is the ‘mr. sling’ in brown (burnt umber). this slouchy hobo-style bag measures 43cm x 26cm and is made from a beautiful supple deer nappa which is renounced for it’s soft texture and durability.

this bag is by the brand deadly ponies which is famous for their beautiful handbags and accessories. it debuted to the nz fashion scene back in the late 2000s and back then, the brand was under two creators – liam bowden and katie smith (it later became a solo venture of liam bowden). each of the pieces is created entirely by hand, whether it is material selection, hammering of hardware or stitching, the outcome is a unique piece that is slightly different from the rest.

my favourite feature of the bag is the beaten brass hardware on the adjustable straps which i consider as the bag’s main feature. both end of the strap has a different design – wrapped leather band on one side, and a leather medallion with the logo on the other. because my bag is from a much older collection, the band (left) is noticeably smaller compared to the newer versions and it lacks the additional bone charm. it’s quite a shame because i think the bone charm is just adorable.

after five years of use, the bag is still in great condition. minor scratches here and there, but i’m not bothered by it. it actually matches the look and feel of the bag.

i purchased this bag at superette for $295nzd in 2007, which is considerably cheaper than the current price for the newer version ($490nzd). it makes a great investment bag because the quality is amazing and can be easily styled. ‘mr sling’ is still readily available at various stores such as superette and good as gold, or you can purchase him online via the deadly ponies online store.


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  1. Thanks for the detailed review Im looking at purchasing my first bag through this brand and this helps me decide. Nice blog chica will follow!!!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you found the post useful :)

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