camera: lomography spinner 360.

attempting to take 360 degree panorama with a regular film camera usually involves a tripod, precise set-up, and multiple shots which can be very time consuming and hard to get right. so when lomography released their spinner 360 camera in 2010, it revolutionised the technique that comes with panorama and enable anyone to easily achieve 360degree panorama.

the lomography spinner 360 is powered by a rubber band drive, where with the pull and release of the cord, spins the camera 360degrees on its own axis. this camera is fully manual and no batteries are required. the features include two aperture settings (cloudy and sunny) and a tripod mount.

the camera takes any standard 35mm film and each panorama uses approximately four frames, although, this does depend on whether you pull the cord to the maximum length. it can also vary, depending on how you chose to expose the film.  different techniques such as manual and long time exposure not only allow you to control the length of the panorama, it also enable you to obtain a good picture in low light settings. all you need to do is spin the camera manually!

 there are many other ways you can hold the camera and each can result in different and interesting images. holding it on an angle can distort and create a wavy perspective. putting the camera on a 90degree angle will result in a vertical view of your surroundings and if you don’t want to be in the photo, you can hold the camera above your head. this is a great option to take landscape panoramas.

there are two things i love about this camera. first of all, i love the sprocket holes as it gives the image an added interest. secondly, the ease of use is simply fantastic. i can take it with me anywhere and capture 360degree panoramas. i can be on the move, traveling on a chairlift up a mountain, watching a game in a stadium, or be standing in the middle of the road! the possibilities are endless!

the down side to this camera is its size and weight. compared to other lomography camera, the spinner 360 is bulky and heavy. the lens hood can be un-screwed making it slightly more portable but the weight tends to deter me from its use. you would also need to invest in a negative flatbed scanner in order to obtain positive images (or get the lab to scan your panoramas).

the lomography spinner 350 can be purchased here.

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