camera: lomography diana mini

the diana mini – little sister to the classic diana f+ – is an adorable small compact camera that measures 70mm x 101mm x 60mm. this little bundle of joy takes 35mm film and is packed with heaps of cool features.

diana mini - valentine edition

firstly, like the diana f+, the wide angle lens has four focal distance (0.6m, 1-2m, 2-4m, 4m-∞). this ‘no-brainer’ setting makes it super easy for newbies to use!

secondly, the camera can be used to shoot long exposures, thanks to the bulb switch located on the side of the camera. this means that you are not restricted to a certain shutter speed and allows you to control the amount of light that enters through the lens. the presence of a tripod mount and the cable release attachment will assist in blurry-free long exposures (unless that’s the effect you are after) by keeping the camera stable and steady.

thirdly, unlike cameras such as the supersample and fisheye v0.1, you can have multiple exposures on the same frame as well as create an endless panorama by overlapping multiple frames.

and lastly, my favourite feature, is the ability to shot both square formats (24mm x 24mm) and half frames (24mm x 17mm). this means that cheapskates like me can produce a total of 72 shots in a single 36exp film. this doesn’t change the cost of developing and printing but you get twice as many shots! however, make sure you advise the labs that it is a half frame format, because they can get easily confused and attempt to scan each half frame separately and try to print 72 photos.

this camera is a great option for anyone that is on a tight budget but still wanting to achieve similar results to the Diana F+. the costs of purchasing and developing 35mm film is not only cheaper, but more readily available compared to the 120. an awesome little camera :)

diana mini can be purchased on the lomography website


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  1. Your half frame shots are perfect! I always have a big black gap between em, ugh!

  2. hahaah! i just pick the nice ones! I have a big black gap on most of mine :P

  3. those are great! :) looks a great little camera. i got myself one of the diana f+ recently.. still not got around to loading it up and shooting. trying to figure out if it needs to be taped up, or how bad the light leaking will be without taping.. best to experiment i guess!

  4. I have yet to experience any light leaks with my diana f+! But I agree, experimenting is the fun part :)

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