review + photos: Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

my experience with regular redscale has always been a hit or miss. sometimes, i might be fortunate to produce images that turn out similar to what i want it to be, but most of the time, it is underexposed and dull. imagine my disappointment when half the exposures look like one dark red square. ARGH. it’s a discouraging feeling as i love the look of redscale, but i just can’t seem to produce it. and then… i came across the lomography redscale xr.

the lomography redscale xr 50-200, as the name suggests, has an iso setting between 50-200. this extended exposure range is very forgiving compared to the lomography redscale 100 as the ISO is higher which means that film is faster and less light exposure is needed. therefore, underexposure is less likely compared to the redscale 100. you can also achieve different effects on the same roll of film. if you want warm red tones, you can treat the film as an ISO 200 by decreasing the exposure time. orange and yellow hues can be achieved by setting the iso lower.

if you increase the exposure time and treat the film as an iso 50, you can produce images with a cool blue hue and this creates a lovely effect with double exposures.

the reason why i describe this film as forgiving, is due to the fact that, if you under or over exposure, you can still produce decent photos due to the iso range. a great thing for newbies like myself.

photos taken with a lubitel 166b. 

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