forgotten film.

i have a small collection of toy camera, as you can tell from some of my older blog posts. i hate admitting that i show favouritism towards any particular camera, but my go-to camera has always been my diana f+, despite the costs to purchase and develop film.

due to this preference, i do find myself neglecting and forgetting about certain cameras as well as the film inside it. last weekend, i decided to take my fisheye out on a small road trip for one of my besties’ birthday. it was when i was about to load a roll of film that i noticed that i already had a roll inside with twelve exposed frames and i could not remember when i last took my fisheye out for a spin.

i had the film developed and got them back a couple of days ago. when i saw the prints, i was in shock and slightly ashamed. because, the last time i used the fisheye was back in 2010 during my gold coast trip with the same bestie! how is it possible that i have neglected this camera for nearly two years?! argh. i gave myself a small slap on the wrist and made a promise. this must never happen again.

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  1. sweet shots :) i love toy cameras too. been using an old lomo LC-A mainly, and now got a holga and diana+ on the way.. shooting film is fantastic.. its wonderful to see these colors and effects straight from the film, unlike using a digital camera and photoshop filters! good work!

  2. Thank you for your kind words! Although I enjoy digital photography due to the convenience, I love the unpredictability of film photography! Plus, it’s so much more fun!

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