photo: lubitel 166b

last month, i won an auction on trademe for a second hand lubitel 166b from a seller/new friend for only $61. it’s quite a bargain. however, as with all second hand cameras, i was worried that the camera might not work (i.e. broken shutter, mould on lens, etc). although the seller insured me that it is in perfect working condition, i had to try it out for myself, just to be sure. after waiting for good weather and loading a 400iso 120 film, i took the camera to two outdoor locations and snapped away.

the prints came back this morning, and here it is:

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verdict: i love the outcome. it gives a very sharp  image compared to my diana clone and there are no spots or blemishes meaning the lens is in great condition. i’m very pleased with my bargain purchase and this gem will now be on my favourite camera list – i think it might even surpass my clone :O


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  1. wow, the quality looks good for a lomo! i was expecting vignettes and the lomo-style stuff.. which is why i went for a regular (yashica) TLR.. very interesting shots

  2. and i was a bit apprehensive when buying used stuff.. but ebay is generally fine. and when i buy stuff locally, im actually able to check it out pretty well.. haha. can be fun after u get used to it

  3. I know! I was quite surprised with the quality of the images! loving the lubitel!

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