food and travel.

traveling and dining. two of my most favourite things to do and they are even better when combined together. when i travel, i make an effort to try and eat something local. something that the city/country is famous for and highly recommended by the locals. whether it is dangling and eating a raw herring covered with onions by the tail in netherlands, or drinking thick gritty coffee in athens, experiencing different cuisines during your travels makes your trip more memorable. i still remember searching for the outdoor seafood vendor at kaikoura and the delicious grilled crayfish that followed!

“.. when we travel, food inevitably becomes one of our prime facinations – and pathways into a place. on the road, food nourishes us not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally and spiritually too.”  don george 


greece: greek coffee and tzatiki

italy: clam and tomato spaghetti, squid ink spaghetti

netherlands: heineken at heineken brewery, soused raw herring

rarotonga: ika mata

kaikoura, new zealand: grilled fresh crayfish, whitebait fritter

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