camera: lomography diana instant back.

lets be honest. when it comes to taking photos with your diana f+, using 120 film can be expensive. as the market for film photography continues to decrease due to the introduction of digital photography, the cost for purchasing and developing film is on the rise and the majority of the photo labs are either closing down or no longer cater for the 120s.

although i still love using film, there is something about instant photography that is so satisfying. the ability to take a photo with your camera and watch it develop instantly is gratifying. the best thing about the lomography diana instant back is that i can still use my favourite camera and the accompanying lens which allows me to achieve the similar results as 120 film but in an instant and cheaper format.

the instant back easily slide into your diana and measures about 4.6cm by 6.2cm and increases the depth of the camera by about 1cm, making the camera slightly bulky. the increase in weight is noticeable but compared to the current instant cameras on the market such as the fiji instax mini and instax wide, it is on the light side. the camera requires two cr2 batteries and uses fujifilm instax mini film which produces credit card sized photos.


this format of photography requires practice. as the viewfinder in the diana is made for a 12×12 format and the instax film is much smaller, you will need to account for that and readjust so you won’t have ‘sliced up’ shots. it took a while to familiarise myself but it is easy to master and sometimes, the cut up shots can produce unpredictable and decent images!

i can’t wait to try double or long exposures! i see the different types of techniques used in the lomography community and it shows just how much variation and fun you can have with the diana and instant back combo.

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