self confession #13. the importance of family.

i am proud to admit that i enjoy the company of my family and that i am blessed to have loving parents and three awesome sisters.

when i was younger, staying home during weekends and spending time with my family was not one of my favourite activities. but as i grew older, i began to appreciate and understand the importance of family. it is amazing how you can be completely relaxed, be yourself, and not fear that you are being judged. how you can laugh hysterically, express your thoughts, and sit comfortably in silence. how we can argue over the silliest things and forget all about it the next day. how you can always rely on them to have your back and that everything they say and do for you are in good intentions.

they shaped me to who i am today and they love me with all my flaws, my swearing, my insults and my amazing cooking :) i love my family!

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