bag review: marc by marc jacobs saddlery cadet cross-body. part two.

i never intended for my review of the mbmj saddlery cadet crossbody to have two parts. but recently, i’ve been taking this bag out with me during my photo-shooting sessions, and i feel the need to write another entry about it.

in my first review, i mentioned that the bag is of a decent size allowing me to carry all my belongings with me and i would like to reiterate this point. two weekends ago, auckland was blessed with decent weather, and i made the most of it by taking my camera out and snapped at various outdoor locations. so, this was what my bag looked like on the outside….

when you lift the flap….

… and take everything out….

you can see just how much can fit into the bag without affecting the exterior appearance. the bag did not look bulky and can still snap shut . this made me appreciate the bag so much more and will now double as my camera bag!


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  1. I ran into your blog by searching for this magnificent bag. I know is an older discontinued model and I love it. I actually own the MJ Saddlery Sophie Convertible Satchel in Forest Green but it’s a bit large for me. Anyway, I know this is totally random and you can blow me off and call me a weirdo but have thought about selling this bag (if you still own it of course)? I would be really interested in buying it if you are. Thanks! :) Your blog is awesome by the way. I’m glad I found it, if only by accident…;)

  2. Yes, I still have this bag and I have never thought about selling it. I’m not a seller and I don’t buy second hand bags because of issues with postage without insurance.

    Thank you for the kind comment :)

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