self confession #12. high heels.

it is safe to say that every female has a ‘thing’. something that they can spend money on without having to justify the purchase or payment. where there is no need for a reason or occasion. i know some girls that can splurge on an expensive new dress even though they don’t have a planned occasion to wear it. some that can spend hundreds of dollars for a massage even though they have no aches or pain. some that can buy numerous jars of face cream even though they have ones sitting unopened at home. and some that has an array of expensive watches at home even though they only wear the one.

and today, i came to the conclusion that my ‘thing’ is high heels. when i go shopping, i tend to have the least self control at shoe stores. the beautiful window display of heels is so enticing and irresistible and i always find myself drawn in. today, when i was trying a pair of cobalt suede heels. the salesperson asked what the occasion was for. my first reaction was to laugh. i didn’t need a new pair of shoes nor do i have the clothes to match it with. but i just wanted them, plain and simple. and of course, my answer to her was just that.

what is your ‘thing’? care to share?


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  1. so did you get those heels in the end? :D

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