camera: lomography supersampler

i have to admit, the physical appearance of the lomography supersampler is confusing. the first time i came across this camera, i was rather intimidated as it looks very different from any traditional camera. but after a couple of experimental rolls, this camera had slowly moved up to being one of my favourite!

the camera measures 2.5″ x 1.25″ x 4″ and has four panaramic plastic lens that is designed to take four consecutive shot or “samples” when the shutter is pressed and it results in a photo that has four panoramic panels.there are two speed settings where you can chose to take four photos in either 2 secounds of 0.2 secounds. setting the speed at 2 seconds will allow you to capture movement in your picture as well as give you time to move the camera while aiming at a stationary subject.

setting the speed at 0.2 seconds would produce a similar image in the four panels.

there are many ways to play with the camera and it’s a load of fun. you can move the camera in all directions, make the subject run around, or even throw the camera. it is very experimental and the likelihood that the shots you take is different from what you imagined is moderate. but when you get the hang of things, the pictures can be phenomenal.


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  1. The supersampler is fabulous! So cute! I made funny pics with it. Your pics are funny too!

  2. thanks! the supersampler is heaps of fun!

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