cairns: exploring the city

when traveling to a new location, i always make an effort to explore the city or town centre. one of the best features of the city centre in cairns, is the amazing boardwalk off the esplanade. it’s only five minutes from our accommodation and ten minutes from the main road. it makes a fantastic leisure walk along the coast.

the weather in cairns is extremely hot and humid. i’m not a big fan of the heat so heading to the large air-conditioned cairns city mall was the best choice during the hottest time of the day. the mall was huge with a variety of stores and restaurants. made some purchases on the way too!

the city center is full of dining choices. you can have luxury seafood at the pier while admiring the sea view, ethnic cuisine at the food courts, or a variety of pub or fast food on the streets.

cairns also has a night market that opens daily and it house a variety of shops that sells nick nacks. you can find hand made jewellery made from corals, shells, and wood, as well as clothes, leather goods and even stalls that does body massage and lash extensions. it’s a lovely place to buy souvenirs.

the charming city centre has something for everyone and you can easier spend the entire day walking around town. it is tourist friendly, easy to navigate, and a must-do activity for anyone that is new to the area.

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