location review: andrea ristorante – do your own dinner.

last week, a few of us got together and did a ‘cook your own dinner’ in a little italian restaurant called andrea in mission bay. these cooking classes offer a variety of levels and menus but as we had a groupon voucher we did the ‘get started 2’ course.

our first task was to roll the dough for the breads and pizzas. the chef – called andrea – teaches us some tricks of the trade such as how to properly stretch the dough without tearing and tossing it like a pro. it was really fun and we managed to get flour everywhere!

then we started assembling our own pizzas! andrea gave us a variety of toppings and ample amount of cheese to use. the chef then took them to the oven to cook.

next, we rolled out the pasta dough to make chicken tortellini. i was given the task to flatten the dough which was easier than expected!

we then piped in the chicken filling and attempted to fold and assemble!

andrea, who was hilarious and nice, added an extra dish to our meal and we got to make some potato gnocchi which is a mixture of mashed potato, spinach, butter, egg, flour and seasoning.

we rolled them into bite-sized pieces and tried to create the distinctive gnocchi look. it’s not easy and as andrea said “we killed them”.

our last dish was tiramisu! the recipe andrea uses is a little different but it was delicious! we assembled layers of sponge cake, mascarpone custard cream, coffee and marsala wine and decorated the top with a delicious chocolate custard cream.

i love the idea about cooking your own dinner. getting to eat, laugh and cook for two hours at a busy restaurant while wearing plastic aprons and hair nets is different and a great activity to do in a big group. the use of the groupon voucher between the eight of us meant that it only costed us about $27 each. it was quite a bargain!

i would love to go back again and try a more advanced menu!

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