location review: kumeu country market

this once a month country market is a popular attraction in the kumeu showground that offers a fantastic selection of quality stalls that sells a variety of things. the market has a festival feel as live entertaiment and carnival areas keep everyone entertained.

they sell a variety of food such as cheese, olives, peanut butter, candies, pastries, specialty meat and breads. however, they don’t really have many stalls that serves hot food that is made to be eaten straight away (unlike the matakana farmers market).

the highlight of the market is the individual stalls where stallholders sell their own creations. they sell everything from boutique-style clothing, handmade jewellery, home-wares, scented candles in exquisite china cups, plants, leather belts, and health/beauty products. my favourite stalls are the ones that sell adorable novelty items such as the t-rex cactus holders and large lego door stops!

overall, a great market if you are looking for gifts and handmade goods. they have onsite parking for $2 where the proceeds goes to local charity and the market has an excellent vibe. however, it is important to remember that it is not a farmers market and the day that i went, they had only one fresh produce stall. i went thinking that i can purchase some organic vegetables for dinner but instead, i came back with lots of gifts for my family.

a worthwhile event to attend.

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