self confession #10. my love for scienc non-fiction.

reading is something that i do in my spare time and i don’t just mean magazines. i really enjoy reading non fiction books and science/evolution is one of my favourite topic. last year, i discovered the genius that is richard dawkins. i’ve already finished ‘the selfish gene’ and ‘the greatest show on earth’ which i loved!

his books are rather hard to find in new zealand. and since borders closed down, it’s even harder now. but recently, one of my friends raved about the selection and prices on i managed to get all these bookes for under $70nzd with free shipping! it’s quite a good deal as it cost about $35 per book in auckland.

i think this is enough to keep me busy for the rest of this year and next!


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  1. It amazes me how you find time to read good books with such a busy schedule! Do you read at home after work?

  2. hahah! well this is my ‘to read’ pile. i’ve been finding it hard lately because by the time i go home.. i’m already sleepy! hopefully will get some reading done this weekend :) what have you been reading lately?

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