bag review: alexander wang diego bucket bag.

i’m not going to lie. but the first time i saw this alexander wang diego bucket bag back in the beginning of 2010 at net-a-porter, my reaction was ekkk.  mostly because of the £800 price tag and the not-so-appealing photos. maybe because the concept of a ‘bucket’ bag was new still new to me and you have to admit, it did just look like a bucket with handles and a shoulder strap. but i kept seeing this bag everywhere. from magazines to newspaper to blogs. so when i found out that workshop was selling it, i had to go in store to see what it looks like in real life. see, this is one of the risks when it comes to online shopping. it might look bad in photos but great in real life or it looks great in photos and on the model, but it look hideous on you. so for me, getting to see and feel the bag was important.

and of course, the bag was stunning. beautiful pebbled leather with metallic oversized ridged studs on top and bottom along with an adjustable shoulder strap. a three compartment bag with an internal zip pocket. it has a flat back surface (so it’s not an actual bucket) and therefore, sits nicely when hung from your shoulder. the downside however, is it’s weight. it’s approximately 0.8kg. thats fairly heavy considering after you put your camera, wallet, make up, phone etc in it, it can strain your shoulder. but thats a price i’m willing to pay. plus, with the heavy hardware at the bottom, this bag can double as a weapon. it’s like two for the price of one!

measurements for this bag is 13″H x 10″W x 8″D with an 8″drop handle and 22″ drop shoulder strap. it comes in different material such as leather and suede and in a variety of colours. You can find these babies online at shopbop but if you are lucky enough to have a place that sells them in your area, i recommend you go see it first as photos such as the one above does not do this bag justice.

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  1. hey, i’m considering purchasing this bag and i loved your review – the only thing holding me back is that a lot of people have said that the long strap starts to rip after a while because of the combined weight of the bag and all the stuff you put in it… have you had this problem at all? thanks :)

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