if someone asked me which is my favourite meal of the day, i would have a hard time deciding between brunch and dessert. i do enjoy both equally. but as i tend to have dessert on a regular basis, the occasional brunch on a saturday/sunday afternoon is what my perfect weekend must consist of.  

this epic brunch is from olaf’s artisan bakery and cafe in mt. eden. it was a perfect start to my weekend. the semi-dried tomato, baked beans, poached eggs,  sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon and sausage were all delish! a large portion which i had no problems finishing! the coffee and atmosphere were also excellent!

i have a feeling that this is a place i would visit often :)


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  1. What’s that in front of the baked beans?

  2. Potato! Kinda like mashed potato-ish!

  3. Looks like a sweet potato custard tart.

  4. such a tempting brunch, i’m gonna eat brunch everyday when I come back

  5. You should! And I think it must be cheaper and better here in NZ! When are you coming back for a visit?

  6. mmmm looks yummy! do they do an Eggs Benedict?

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