bag review: mulberry bayswater.

the bayswater is a timeless signature piece and was created by mulberry in the early 21st century. it comes in a variety of color and material including ostrich leather and tweed. along with alexa, it is an instantly recognizable mulberry  bag. i’ve purchased this bag at the end of last year and have finally gotten around in doing a review.

the bag features the signature postman’s lock, top handles, leather hanging tag with a desginer stamped padlock, interior pockets and internal belts that can be adjusted to provide more space. the bayswater that i purchased is oak natural leather that measures 26.5 x 36 x 16cm which i consider a medium size bag. my favorite feature of this bag would have to be the luxurious brushed leather interior. although it would be a bitch if it were to get dirty, but it’s so much better than fabric lined interior.

some people had suggested that the bayswater is an imitation/copy to the hermès birkin, but i beg to differ. the bayswater is a bag in its own right and has a more vintage feel in comparison to the elegant and conservative birkin. and plus, the bayswater is much more affordable! i would have to admit that the hermès birkin is my holy grail in terms of bags but i do not consider the bayswater as an imitation.

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