my daily dose of online addiction.

i think i spend at least 2 hours online everyday. whether it is to check my email, watch some videos on youtube or browse on facebook, i always love to wind down after a long day at work in front of my computer.

here are some of the websites that i check daily. they vary from fashion to shopping to news to blogs. check them outt

i get my daily news headlines from this is the national newspaper for new zealand and i prefer this site rather than other international sites. is where i get my latest handbag updates and reviews. they often advertise when online websites go on sale and they post so many beautiful photos of designer bags. it makes me drool.  is by a bubbly lady called wendy and i first started following her on youtube. she’s perky, pretty and funny and the website have gorgeous pictures of designer bags and great clothing pairing.

when in need for some humor, i love reading entries on although laughing at others should be kept to a minimum, but some of these entries are hilarious. it’s sure to bring a smile to your face and if not, check out

i try to keep myself updated on the latest offerings on websites such as as well as i prefer looking at shopbop because they charge in USD where as net-a-porter will charge in pounds.

my friend have recently got me hooked on which is created by an artistic korean in america that tells the adventures of ickle and lardee. she doesn’t update as often anymore, but when she does, the entries are adorable!

needless to say, there are many other sites i visit. but these are just the main ones that i check for daily updates.

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